Residential Design

The Design Staff at hunny interior Design Services would like to congratulate you on your buy of a new home.
We have been chosen by your builder to help you in tailoring your flooring selections to outfit your lifestyle and design requirements. We commit in offering quality design, brilliant product selection and client satisfaction all at very reasonable prices.
We work on a meeting basis to give you our complete attention with as many times as you may require with our design staff. We also propose to bring in any existing fabrics, pillow, paint samples, etc., to assist you with your colour organization.
In our first meeting we will first regarding the property. This is the most significant part of the process. Here we can talk about the orientation of the house. We can talk about certain views we would like to capture.
Next, we discuss what style of house you would like and how you desire the floor plan to flow. This is where the tradition plan actually has its payback. Most customers will bring in pictures or magazine photos that show their personal likes and dislikes. The more we can recognize how you will exist in your recent home the better we will be capable to design the house to outfit your uniqueness. This is where we will talk about funds and how that reproduces to square footage and specification levels.
The next time we will get together will be to present you with the early design.
The presentation will generally include:
• The Floor Plans
• The Site Plan
• The Front portrait
• The Working Drawings
Once you take delivery of some pricing and the final design draft has been approved we will carry on to the construction documents.
We will have an approval meeting at this phase and talk about the interior and exterior finishes, doors, windows, and building products.
The Building Phase
Once the working drawings are finished you and are prepared to build our service does not end there. We will continue associated and become accessible for questions and or problems that will happen during the building process. Site visits and development reports are also offered, frequently for customers that live out of town and will not be capable to visit the job site often. Other services that are helpful to customers and builders are a colour viewpoint of the project. This will assist in imagination exactly how the house will look like either for a keepsake to display in the house or for marketing tools by the builder.

Now you can take pleasure in your new custom designed house which will not only pay dividends by being designed just for you and your lot, but will usually hold a better resale value for you in the future.